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sex in diapers » A girl is doing her housework, and while folding her clothes, she gets to her fresh and clean cloth diapers. This makes her go and put on diaper and continues with day, eating, cleaning and some time on her computer. She makes a call to a boyfriend and asks him if he can come over to be her daddy, and he agrees to come tomorrow. Later that evening she diapers herself before going to sleep. She wakes up in the middle of the night with a wet diaper, and changes herself once again. She wakes up with her daddy at her feet and he changes her wet diaper immediately and does so a few times during the day, including giving the diaper girl an enema. They play daddy and baby all day and through the night with lots of playing and changing diapers.

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Pee Diaper Girl  »   19 yo Japanese school girl April with her 18 yo girlfriend Gigi, together in a colorful and sizzling scene. Both in their diapers, they play like big babies and hen help each other change their diapers before playing further and eventually falling asleep together.

Adult Diaper Lover  »   BabyGirl Alaina with Adult Baby Boy Deann in hardcore diaper action. Lots of sucking, fucking, oral and much more hardcore action while both adult babies are wearing diapers.

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Wears Diapers  »   Tyra is an oriental treasure. This sweet young asian diaper girl will captivate you with her smile, and her tits. Doesn't she look great in her diaper. In this extra long video clip, simply because she enjoyed herself so much, we watch this asian diaper girl play, have fun and unwind. This is followed by a slow removal of her exotic oriental clothing and then prepares herself to put on her diaper. Now wearing her adult diaper, she puts back on her exotic outfit and shows us just how sexy and tantalizing she looks wearing her big adult diaper.

Adult Baby Girl  »   They do not come sweeter then Winona. Undoubtedly the cutest girl in a diaper we have ever seen. Take a look for yourself at this adult baby girl and you will see that Winona is without doubt, the most incredible diaper girl you have seen anywhere. Girls in diapers do not come better than this. An extra long video as we spend the afternoon with this girl in diaper, entering her world and not wanting to leave. We are also blessed as she does a diaper change on herself.

Girls In Baby Diapers  »   Paige is a sexy young and tall adult baby girl, and we see her here wearing her diaper with a frilly plastic diaper cover also. Paige gets dirty for us, spreading her legs wide open and sticking a few objects inside her pussy along the way, as she changes her diaper.

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Adult Baby Baby Sitter  »   A school bus excursion with schoolgirls and their female teacher are on a peeing experience class. They pee on the bus, in their panties and put on diapers in the bus. It continues in the evening with enemas given also.

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