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sex in diapers » A schoolgirl is intimidated by a schoolboy in the hallway and she pees in her panties. Inside the classroom she pees herself in front of all her classmates and is humiliated. Back at her desk, another boy talks to her, and again, she pees herself. Three times in 10 minutes. The next day she is on crowded subway where two men standing next to her is enough for her to piss her pants in the train. Once at school, she visits the school doctor and explains her problem, and in doing so pisses on the doctors floor. The doctor hands her an adult diaper and asks her to put it on.

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Girls Wear Diapers  »   Diaper girl wetting her diaper while playing and drawing in her book. With a wet diaper she continues to drawing until her adult baby sitter comes to look at her drawings and check her diaper. She discovers her wet diaper girl needs her wet diaper changed.

Adult Diaper Lovers  »   Alaina and Paige together. Alaina plays with her babygirl friend and changes her dirty diaper. Paige is being very naughty while Alaina is changing her diaper.

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Adult Baby In Diapers  »   Watch these two young asian girls, April and Natalia, having fun as adult babies. Huge series where they change each others diaper and have lots of diaper fun playing big adult babies.

Adult Baby Girl  »   Two very sexy adult baby girls in diapers. They fondle each other and decide fun with a huge dildo is the way to go. Christina still in her diaper, is having her pussy penetrated by a huge vibrator and having her asshole licked by her girlfriend, also in her diaper.

Adult Baby Punishment  »   Oh my! Diana and Winona together again and why not! These two asian teen girls are lesbians in real life and they prove it here once again. Watch them totally naked, their nude, smooth, firm teen bodies aching to be touched. They tease us with a very colorfull shoot as they body paint each other. They then help each other put on a diaper and the body painting continues, along with diaper painting. This is real diaper fun.

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Diaper Girl Pics  »   A school bus excursion with schoolgirls and their female teacher are on a peeing experience class. They pee on the bus, in their panties and put on diapers in the bus. It continues in the evening with enemas given also.

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