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sex in diapers » This is the story of a diaper girl and her daddy. There is lots of diaper changes, with some very nice cloth diapers and diaper covers with tie on straps. There is also lots of pissing in diapers so we can be treated to some nice diaper changes the daddy gives to adult baby girl. A very intriguing part of this video, is when daddy gives her girl an enema, which she holds in, and is then diapered and fully dressed as an adult baby girl. Daddy then takes her adult baby girl for a walk down the street holding hands together, then return home to change her dirty diaper. Next day, she is treated to a few more enemas and diaper changes.

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Diaper Girl Vids  »   Exotic asian Abagail in her exotic dancing costume that she uses on stage. Once out of her exotic dancing costume she wastes no time getting into her diaper.

Girl With Diaper  »   BabyGirl Alaina with Adult Baby Boy Deann in hardcore diaper action. Lots of sucking, fucking, oral and much more hardcore action while both adult babies are wearing diapers.

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Diaper Story  »   Tyra is an oriental treasure. This sweet young asian diaper girl will captivate you with her smile, and her tits. Doesn't she look great in her diaper. In this extra long video clip, simply because she enjoyed herself so much, we watch this asian diaper girl play, have fun and unwind. This is followed by a slow removal of her exotic oriental clothing and then prepares herself to put on her diaper. Now wearing her adult diaper, she puts back on her exotic outfit and shows us just how sexy and tantalizing she looks wearing her big adult diaper.

Wet Diaper  »   Adult Baby Girl Cassia is in her cot and her babysitter changes her dirty diaper. Her sitter cleans her and puts on a big cloth diaper on her baby girl before putting her to sleep.

Adult Baby Diaper Change  »   Sexy diaper girl Paige with her favorite golden vibrator showing us how she has fun in her diaper. The toy goes straight in her ass while she plays with her pussy until she goes off.

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Adult Baby Pictures  »   And adult baby girl is being diapered by her mummy. After she is clean and fully diapered, her mommy does one final check, during which the diaper girl wets her diaper and she is given another diaper change.

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