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diapers sex » A schoolgirl is involved in a car accident. She eventually wakes up with an older lady looking down on her, and finds she is dressed as an adult baby girl and wearing diapers. While recalling the accident, she pisses in her diaper and the lady changes her diaper. She goes home to find her home is not what she remembered it to be and returns to the lady's home, and while standing inside the doorway, pisses herself. The lady takes her in, cleans her up and diapers her. She returns back home wearing her diaper under her school uniform, to find a man, the man who tried to save her from walking in front of a mini bus, and the encounter turns into a diaper change opportunity. Next day she returns to the lady's house who has now become her mommy, and is treated to a diaper change and breastfeeding. Following day, she has falls down a set of stairs, and eventually wakes up with an older lady looking down on her, and finds she is dressed as an adult baby girl and wearing diapers, and her diaper fantasies continue and go full circle.

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Diapered Girls  »   Adult Baby Girl Alaina having her dirty diaper changed by her boyfriend. I am a diaper lover and really enjoy looking at other people wearing diapers, especially girls in diapers. I love to see adult baby girls like this one wearing adult diapers. I believe the best diaper girls are here at ab dl and this diapered girl shows us why.

Adult Baby Breastfeeding  »   Two adult baby girls in diapers are having fun together showing each other their collection of diapers, including all their cloth diapers, diaper covers and adult baby clothing. They play together and even have their mommy do their hair and take care of them. Both put on their school uniforms, and with their diapers clearly showing, go for a walk together holding hands, outside, down the road and to the public park, and back home again.

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Diaper Lover  »   This colorful shoot has everything. Two young sexy asians engaging in some serious lesbian fun. They enjoy putting on a diaper on each other and continue on their lesbian adventure.

Hot Girl In Diaper  »   They do not come sweeter then Winona. Undoubtedly the cutest girl in a diaper we have ever seen. Take a look for yourself at this adult baby girl and you will see that Winona is without doubt, the most incredible diaper girl you have seen anywhere. Girls in diapers do not come better than this. An extra long video as we spend the afternoon with this girl in diaper, entering her world and not wanting to leave. We are also blessed as she does a diaper change on herself.

Adult Baby Diaper Change  »   Tall and slender adult baby girl Nikita. Nikita is showing off her sexuality while playing big baby and wearing her diaper. She has long black, straight, shiny hair all the way down to her ass. Nikita is also kind enough to take off the adult diaper she is wearing, freshen herself up, including her pussy and put on a clean diaper. Along the way she finds a few objects to tickle her pussy with, including her baby bottle and a plastic rattle toy which she comfortably inserts into her pussy and rattles for us.

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Girl Wear Diapers  »   Young and Sexy SchoolGirl April in her Japanese school uniform. She half undresses herself to make it easier for her to put on her diaper, and once her diaper is on and comfortable, she gets back in her full japanese schoolgirl uniform.

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