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adult baby sex » This is the story of one schoolgirl who has a very bad incontinence problem. She catches up with three girls from the same school while walking to school and they just ignore her. The incident makes her piss in her panties on the spot. Before class she changes her wet panties in a gym room, but she doesn't know a girl is looking at her. When she gets to class, she finds the girls have pinned her wet panties on the blackboard with some humiliating text. The taunting by other girls continues as they stop her from jumping the cue at the toilet, once again making her to wet herself on the spot, and the girls continue to humiliate her in many ways. As the day is finished, she finally makes it to bed and goes to sleep. She wakes to a diaper fantasy world. While walking to school, the other girls catch up with her and are sympathetic to her condition.

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Girl With Diaper  »   Lovely Bloom, in red, is sweet little Winona's babysitter. They both enjoy each others company and Winona loves to have her diaper changed. Winona and her sitter Bloom are enjoying each others company and Bloom really enjoys the time spent with Winona helping her being a big adult baby girl wearing her diaper. Bloom indulges Winona and changes her dirty diaper and they continue enjoying role playing and infantilism for the remainder of the day.

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Adult Diapers Lovers  »   Anika and girlfriend Noelle, in authentic Thai uniforms, trimmed to the max for a sexy look. Watch them pole dancing to traditional music, and perform a diaper show, before retreating to a more comfortable place for some sexy two girl action

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