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adult baby sex » A schoolgirl wets her panty on the way home. She walks home with wet panties, and once home takes off her panties and washes them in the sink. She is feeling shameful about herself. Later that evening she again loses control at the dinner table and pees her pants. Her mum is quick to give her a hard spanking with her sister coming to her aid, and her sister also gets a spanked. Crying to her sister about her problem of being incontinent and peeing everywhere, her sister introduces her to adult diapers and helps her get into them, and shows her wearing diapers is ok. The next day her older sister introduces her to enemas with both sister giving each other an enema, pumping huge amounts of liquid flush inside their ass and squirting it out with power.

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Pee Diaper Girl  »   The story is set around schoolgirls peeing their pants. In the classroom a girl pees her panties in front of her classmates. Another girl in front of the class pees her pants. One of the girls visits the school nurse and gets diapered.

Adult Diapers Lover  »   A diaper girl is playing alone just being a big adult baby girl. Her mommy arrives to change her diaper and spoil her little adult baby girl.

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Diaper Pictures  »   Sexy asian girl Natalia in this extremely raunchy shoot. Wearing leather, trashy fishnet stockings and what remains of her shoolgirl uniform after she attacked it with a scissors. She spreads her legs wide open in many positions, opening wide her pussy and fingering herself. She fucks herself with a pacifier and spills milk all over herself from her baby bottle then sticks it in her pussy and fucks it, oh yeah, and she eventually puts on her adult diaper for our enjoyment.

Spanking Diapers  »   Absolutely young and sexy Abagail and April in some very naughty and skimpy outfits. Full on lesbian action, kissing, pussy licking and more, and they look great in their diapers, and they both love to wear their diapers.

Diaper Girl Changing  »   Adultbaby girl Georgie with her sexy young nurse Paige. Both girl enjoy some role playing and age playing with some anal intrusion and full lesbian hardcore action. Georgie really enjoys having nurse Paige stick her finger and thermometer in her ass.

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Adult Baby Movies  »   Another two asian beauties enjoying being adultbabies and wearing their big adult diapers. When Janette and Noreen are together and both in diapers, they really know how to enjoy themselves as you can see by the pictures and video.

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