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adult baby sex » A schoolgirl is in need of discipline and diaper training, so her father takes to an adult baby mummy who offers to help her, but little does this girl know what the training involves. She arrives the next day and after a chat and a drink, she is offered some cookies, which are laced with a calmative and the girl passes out. She awakes to find herself strapped to a bed and can not move. She also discovers she has wet the bed, and she begs her mummy to let her go, but her mummy insist she behave. She removes the girls wet panties and puts her in a diaper, all along the girl begging to be let loose. She is told that she will remain strapped to the bed until she accepts her diapers, and after a few days she is accustomed to wearing a diaper, wetting her diaper, being fed and cared for by her mummy, and she is un strapped from the bed. Now the adult baby girl and mummy enjoy spending days together and she is spoiled just like a little adult baby girl wants to be.

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Pee Diaper Girl  »   A schoolgirl with an incontinence problem wears diapers to school and when she makes this known to her girlfriends, three of her school girl friends enjoy giving her a diaper change.

Girls Piss In Diapers  »   An incontinent schoolgirl pees herself when she feels intimidated. She pees her panties in the hallway, inside the classroom and on the train. The school doctor gives her diapers and the next day the peeing continues in diapers.

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Abdl  »   They do not come sweeter then Winona. Undoubtedly the cutest girl in a diaper we have ever seen. Take a look for yourself at this adult baby girl and you will see that Winona is without doubt, the most incredible diaper girl you have seen anywhere. Girls in diapers do not come better than this. An extra long video as we spend the afternoon with this girl in diaper, entering her world and not wanting to leave. We are also blessed as she does a diaper change on herself.

Diapergirls  »   Two busty asian diaper girls, Bea and Nova. Both girls are wearing diapers and are enjoying being adultbabies. They soon help each other by changing each others diaper.

Abdl Diaper Girl  »   A very cute adult baby girl is having fun playing alone until she needs her mummy to change her diaper, so she shouts for her mommy who is in the kitchen cleaning, and hearing her screaming, she comes to change her diaper.

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Adults Peeing In Diapers  »   This is the story of a schoolgirl who enjoys sleeping in a wet diaper. Before bed, she puts on a diaper, she pees in it, then goes to sleep with a soaking wet diaper, sleeping in her wet diaper all night.

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